Nagoya Diocesan Liturgical Commission

 The first topic taken up by Vatican II (1962-1965) was the renewal of the Liturgy. So it was that the following year December 4th 1963 "Sacrosanctum Concilium" was proclaimed as the first fruit of the Council.
  The Liturgy is both the source and summit of the life of the Church. Liturgy can never be separated from our daily life rather it must be deeply rooted in it. Passive participation, being present just as an onlooker, is never possible. Rather as an expression of their Baptismal Priesthood all the faithful are called, with the Priest/Celebrant, to active participation in the Liturgy.
  The Nagoya Diocesan Liturgical Commission sees as central to its role the promotion of active participation in the Liturgy and the promotion of the Liturgical Ministry of all the faithful. For the teaching of the Council to become a living reality in the diocese, we need you understanding and support. We hope that this home-page will be a forum where you can both learn about the liturgical life of the Church and also share and exchange information.

Brendan Kelleher svd.
Director, Nagoya Diocese Liturgy Commission